Friday, June 28, 2013

budgeting for random income

I was blessed with a steady Federal job
Thirty-three years and more - but
all things must pass, and so it has.

The last paycheck came two weeks back
for services rendered
This week the vacation time was repurchased:
four weeks and a day!

It seems that June was work-free, which means
the Office of Personnel Management takes over
and pension checks will follow soon -
estimated ones.

Budgets must be done on a monthly check now
and for a while, something like 85% of final amounts?
Then the final value will be determined
and the back-pension will drop in
and I shall know how our balances look.

Just assume the checks are few and small
and any surprises will be pleasant ones...
we hope!

 - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - - 

Hope answered -

a week later the first pension check appears!
These will be estimates on the low side
until "final adjudication"
(we cannot escape Goverment terminology :~)
So all is reasonably well!

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