Thursday, May 30, 2013

Greetings to Earth!

A new phase in life & a new blog for my thoughts              

Much is changing around me, beginning with my job.
I don't have one: as of June '13
I am retired, with 33 years of service.
A new adventure, leap of faith, opportunities in abundance...
so many ways to describe this.
Exhilaration, fear... change!

People that I love need my time more than I need more money.

My wonderful parents are starting
to show their age at last
a difficult thing to see, and also to assist.
When you live in the same house for 63 years
and do not wish to be separated from it,
and doctors are monitoring every little change?
A fine line is drawn between loving forbearance
and neglect!

My wife's health also is unreliable
things a sub-40-age person should not be worried about
are daily occurrences.
It will help her to have me at home
It will help us to have a cleaner home and tidier yard
It will help me get away from desks and play in the yard
and we will be able to see a lot of specialists
to see what we're doing right
and what can be done better.

My best buddy from ages past and present
also suffers from mysteries that his age does not deserve
- when does it end?  We all know
but the journey can be difficult.

So off we go
to a highly uncertain future
with a small but workable nest-egg
neither a goose-egg nor a fortune
but enough to go on
and surely more than many can claim.