Friday, October 18, 2013


It's been eleven years in one place -
certainly not a record, but
we're moving to a new residence soon.

We are doing it the hard way:
sell first then see what's available!
When funds are limited, the hard way
is the only way -
and that's OK.

We have gathered much more stuff
that is only known when one packs,
and it's disappointing.
It's also helpful to pack though, as
many lost / hidden things are revealed!

I have never left the metro area
in my ~57 years on Earth -
that will be an interesting shock :^)

Everything is under control...
just not our control!  God will see to it
that we find a nice place
and make it a home.

Friday, October 11, 2013


'Tis a good time to be retired
from Federal service -
and all the stresses and hassles
now accruing to the accursed 'government employee'.

Very sad how it plays out
and hard on those whose bills are not shut down
while the federal government plays chicken
with their livelihood.

Our final payout has been calculated
and it's a thin amount but we'll manage.
Life has sufficient stresses without work!